Biografia / Biography


A combination of the typical Neapolitan crativity and Savoy balance: in other words TarasKi. The energy colours of this emerging Piemontese artist spread on the toile with creative and calculated brushstrokes that find their way into the observer, who becomes "the pulled protagonist" of an elegant vortex of lights and tones. Every work is a mix of chromatisms and linearity.
Giancarlo Taraschi was born in Turin in 1962, and he started his own artistic career after not-attending the Istituto d'Arte. After his first expercience, still immature, he stopped for a couple of years, and he restarted painting after 1996. During this 10 years of activity he created a wide production of paintings and drawings up until he gots to the latest and so personal "L'arte non ha prezzo" (Art has no price) where he found an important success among the audience and among the reviews. He attended a workshop with Master Nakajima and he got in contact with Yuko Sakurada, the owner of the famous Artesse Art Gallery in Tokyo, he would collaborate with him later on. In 2003 he participated to a study table in the Valencia Art Institute on a retrospective about Piero Dorazio. In 2004, he reached a great aim making an exhibition in the Brasileiro Museum in San Paolo, Brazil. In 2005 he participated to the Mostra di Arte Italiana di Arte Moderna in New Delhi and Mumbai. During this period, he participated to some collectives. Among the most important ones, there is the one at the "La Telaccia" Art Gallery in Turin that made him participate to the Winter Olympics in 2006 competition, and he got a merit thanks to the "isola" painting that made him won an important price and Padova 2006 confirmed him in the Modern Art world, with a very significant work, creating interest in important characters like Elio Fiorucci, making feel the desire to entrust the artist in the future with the task of drawing in Turin the kind of things that Keith Haring did in Milan. The Taraski painting alchemy, (the Ki in the signature is intentionally changed from the oriental philosophies, from the universe energy, from the nature, from the psyche) is well known also in the Gruppo Banca Sella, a prestigious and historical istitute from Biella, that started an intesive cultural collaboration with the painter, organizing some exhibitions within some bank's branch offices, which highly succeded among the reviews and among the public too. He won an important graphic competition within a soccer international championship, in this championship some Italian and foreign teams participated, such as SpartaK of Moscow, Barcellona, Inter and Juventus too, Torino F.C., and some others. He participated to the graphic production of an advertisemnt sign with "L'arte sul Naviglio" obteining international visibility and a huge public confluence. In 2007 he exposes a staff in the headquarters of the Gallery Maison Musique, enjoying considerable success. There have been numerous solo and group exhibitions that have hosted in Italy and abroad: Monaco, Minden, Paris, Cap d'Antibes, Chaumont. In the United States, he exhibits for the first time overseas all'Artexpo in New York, after starting a constant collaboration with a gallery in the city of Seattle. In 2008 he participated in conferences and seminars in universities, academies and cultural institutions in the United States, Cuba, Messico. He continued to travel, study-for-work, in various parts of the world: Brazil, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and Eastern Europe. He begins to think of a new way of painting, inserting models collection on the works of art...it will be born "Plexi - car". In 2009 - Capri: performance and exhibition.